Our professional staff is experienced with beginning through advanced instruction and enjoy working with kids as well as adults.


How to Sign Up for Lessons. . .

Our private lessons are offered in person or online. We want you to feel comfortable with in person lessons. If you want to wear a face covering, or prefer a teacher that wears a face coverings, please let us know. 

Click here to view our COVID policies for in person lessons.


The easiest way to schedule a lesson is to email our lesson coordinator any time at ruby@houseofmusicmn.com or call the House of Music at 612-929-2291.
Office hours are somewhat irregular, but roughly 10:00AM - 3:00PM Monday through Friday. If noone is available to speak with you, PLEASE LEAVE A DETAILED MESSAGE with your name, number and a good time to call you back. We are not able to have a full time person on staff to answer phones so email is sometimes the easiest way to get us the information we need to get students enrolled.

Please email your name (first and last), the student's info (name, age, instrument, availability, and any musical history they might have), a phone number and good time to reach you. - ruby@houseofmusicmn.com

If you are new to music lessons let us know the instrument(s) you are interested in playing and and we can help you decide what instrument might be best for you or your child for lessons. We can match the teacher whose schedule and style fit you and your musical dreams.
Take a look at our Teachers page to learn more about our awesome roster of teachers.

What are the costs . . .Summer 2024 Semester begins June 10 through August 24      

Our private lessons are available in person or online.

The cost for each lesson is $40 per half hour and are paid for by the semester

Longer lessons are also available. The cost of 45 minute lessons is $60, and 60 minute lessons are $80.

Lessons are scheduled by quarterly semesters. Our Fall 2024 Semester begins September 3 and goes through December 21 (15 weeks). If you miss the start of the semester you may join at any time there are openings with a teacher and pay for the remainder of the semester. The total cost of the lessons for the semester will depend on the number of weeks in the semester (or remainder of lessons when you begin) and which day of the week your regular lesson is scheduled since certain holidays may fall on specific days of the week. The total number of lessons will be between 9-17 weeks, depending on the semester. When a student signs up for lessons at the beginning of a semester, we ask that the student commit to the entire semester, with the exception of the Summer Semester. If you are a new student that missed the beginning of the semester, you can start at any time and pay for the remaining weeks of the semester.

Lessons are paid for in advance for the entire semester (or remainder) at or before the first lesson. If this presents a hardship for your budget, talk to the director, and/or teacher about an alternative payment arrangement.

Fall Semester 2024
September 3 through December 21

Winter Semester 2025

January 6 through March 29

Spring Semester 2025

April 7 hrough June 7


Summer Semester 2025
June 9 through August 23

Why Choose the House of Music?

Our staff is made up of a variety of teachers and professional musicians, some of the best talent in town! Each teacher brings something a little different to the experience of learning music. We promise to listen to your musical hopes and dreams and match you with the teacher that best suits you and your goals. We don’t claim to be the fanciest music school in town…but the friendliest…with knowledgable teachers that inspire and encourage you on your musical journey. As we grow, we strive to stay personal, flexible and keep the interests of our students at the top of our list.

You might say we are the neighborhood “front porch” kind of school that brings people together...through music!
It is our goal to provide students and families the opportunities to experience music either as a performer or as a fan of music. We have two recitals seasons per year. One towards the end fo the Fall Semester and one towards the end of the Spring Semester. We also provide music for a variety of events throughout the year that occur in our community, creating many opportunities for House of Music students to perform.

Even if you never become a student at the House of Music, we hope you'll be a part of our community!


Music is a wonderful thing to have in your life. We'll help you get started or get you learning new things again.